There are many tools that Independent Financial Planning uses to help you meet your goals.  Tools are helpful, but the important part is knowing you've been heard and that the recommendations are born out of a thorough understanding of what is important to you.

Goal planning software

Independent Financial Planning has a variety of software capabilities including this one by Advisor Software Inc. that I can use to determine what financial costs are required to meet your specific goals.  One unique element to the program below is that it incorporates actuarial tables for benefits calculations, which helps better estimate future benefits from pensions, like social security.

Sample Plan link.png


Portfolio comparison Reports

Morningstar Office provides a number of reports to compare investments within portfolios, analyze stocks, mutual funds, and other investment products; including this "Current vs Model Portfolio" report below.



Social Security and Pension Analysis

Social Security has complicated rules and formulas to determine benefits.  You probably don't need to know the details of how this works, only that I can help you find the best option given your unique circumstances.  The social security analysis report below is a tool produced by Social Security Explorer and is one of many helpful reports Independent Financial Planning uses in retirement planning.